Sunday, November 8, 2009

Liberals Fear to Call the Ft Hood Incident, Terrorism.

Why are liberals bound and determined NOT to call the Ft Hood incident a terror attack?
Obama is out there saying "lets not jump to conclusions."
Some liberal talking head said, "we have no idea of his motives."
"He was upset at being deployed." like mass murder is natural outlet for hurt feelings.
Every single liberal board I lurk at argues with anyone that this is not terror.

Idiot Liberals are even insinuating that its RACIST to call this a terror attack because this Hasan guy is a muslim. Believe me, I test posted the list below on several liberal boards, every time I was called a racist. Every time. Indeed, liberals are much more interested in calling Christians terrorists than calling a muslim mass murder for what it is: terror.

This is an across the board denial.
1) YES. The guy was a muslim. That IS a pertinent fact in this case.
2) He was a US soldier who publicly justified suicide attacks against US soldiers.
3) He shouted "Allahu Akbar!" just before he started shooting.
4) He deliberately targeted people who could not shoot back, like a typical cowardly jihadist.

Q) What is so important for liberals to fight the idea that an obvious terror attack is not a terror attack?

Seriously, what else should we call this? Sudden Jihad Syndrome?
Time and again, liberals demonstrate that cannot be relied upon to protect this nation.

Beloved, we must understand a simple truth: islam is the last bastion of barbarism in the world. Inviting muslims into your midst is to invite murderers, thieves and rapists into your home.
Not all muslims are terrorists, but 99.9% of all terrorists are muslims.

Where are the moderate muslims loudly proclaiming, "Not in our name!" You will hear none. Thats because there are NO moderate muslims. Its a myth. The mosque Hasan frequented gave shelter, aid and comfort to several of the 9-11 terrorists. Its no wonder Hasan succumbed to "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in a mosque of hate. Any mosque anywhere will shelter jihadist murderers.

Facts for you:
mohamed was a false prophet. He murdered, stole, and raped in the name of his false god.
allah is a false god, or worse a satanic impostor demanding human sacrifice.
islam was never a religion of peace, but an instrument of conquest, slavery and rape.
The new Nazi menace of the 21st century is islam. They are poised to murder millions.
Hasan is in the hospital, he is awake and talking.
You know what that means: WATER BOARDING TIME!
Have fun boys!

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  1. This Allah guy sounds a heck of a lot like the guy Christians call "Satan"