Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year to Democrat Underground

Just a wish for a Happy New Year to all the DUmmies.

Trump is your inevitable, inescapable fate. There is no way you can avoid Jan 20th.
EVERYTHING you built with Obama will come tumbling down.

Other presidents worked with opposing congresses to pass LAW.
All Obama did was write executive orders and regulations through appointed agency heads-easily overturned by a new president.  Build on a solid foundation of LAW, and you have a solid Legacy to show off. Build on shifting sand and temporary EO's and your legacy will blow away and be forgotten. 

Obama is proof that modern Democrats do not want democracy, they want a dictator/king.

Understand what this new year will mean: The Liberal agenda is DEAD. You have NO laws to build upon.

Gun Reform is DEAD
The wall WILL be built.
Liberal sanctuary cities will be crippled with out Govt funding
Illegals who commit crimes will do their time instead of just deportation
The muslim refugee influx will STOP.
The USSC will be 6 Conservatives to 3 Liberals
Liberals blocking traffic will do nothing
America will back Israel stronger than ever
The UN will get no US funding

and worst of all: People will stop listening to you when President Trump succeeds at what he promises. Game over

Bottom line: all the liberal advances in the last 8 years are based on executive orders not on law.
It is all going away. You lost EVERYTHING with this election!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! My year begins on 01/20/17. Yours ended on 11/08/16.