Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is the Grinch a Parable for Atheists?

I just watched it again, and it struck me me-the Grinch is just like the atheist trolls that plague my Christian Forums. They like to come with a "gotcha question," something they think is so deviously clever that no Christian could possibly answer. And they always leave disappointed and defeated.

Its the same with the Grinch. His "Gotcha" was the material side of Christmas. So he stole all the presents and was surprised and shocked when the Whos celebrated Christmas anyways.

He puzzled until his puzzler was sore.
Could it be that Christmas doesn't come from a store?
Perhaps Christmas means a little bit more?

And then like so many atheists before him the Grinch became Christian, moved off his cold mountain of doubt and into the warm embrace of the church. And then he became a famous apologist and defender of the faith.

And thats just like the boys and girls from our shadow site, FSTDT.
They've failed time and again, lost debates (refusing to admit defeat), and gone home angered that they got banned for trolling.

Unlike the Grinch their revelation will be quite different. It won't be a happy event like Christmas. Their epiphany will happen with the rapture. They mocked and laughed saying, "where is the promise of His coming?"

Here at last they will see the divine evidence they've been asking for. Unlike other atheists, our shadow people will recognize this for what it is. They claim they can't wait for the rapture so they won't have to listen to Christians anymore. But in the dark of their room, the bravado will be gone: they will be alone. If the rapture happened then the rest is true as well, and that means they have only 7 years left to live-if they are lucky.

This video doesn't involves atheists, but rather the unsaved in a Christian setting.
Still its a good illustration.

I propose that atheists might recognize the rapture for what it is because they have mocked it so long. and certainly, the great delusion will not be instantly following the Rapture. There will be a period of time where this will be treated as a national emergency.

After all their mocking and lurking on Christian sites, bit by bit things might start to percolate in their closed minds...The world will have never experienced a divine event on this scale: especially if (as some believe) all children under the age of accountability are taken as well.

So profound as this is, then yes a powerful delusion will have to be sent.

But there may be some brief window before that delusion occurs. In that time there will be a lot of non-Christians who grew up in the shadow of the church who will understand what happened and fall on their knees.

I think its logical to assume that atheists will react this way as well. They may be consumed by bigotry, but in mocking the Bible they still hear it-and the Word does not return void.

I think there will be a brief period of time right after the rapture but before the delusion where a lot of people turn to Christ. Atheists have a long history of seeing the light. some of the most famous Christians are former atheists.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama Lied, and American Women Died. Part 5

New Rules Ladies--no more self-exams and ignore slow growing cancers
Well its coming out. Death Panels are already targeting people and women have just been singled out for death. Early diagnosis has always been the best way to prevent cancer deaths. Under Obamacare self exams are no longer encouraged for breast cancer. Mammograms will not be provided until age 50. Slow acting cancers will not be treated at all until years later.

But wait there is more denial of care planned for you gals...this one will just kill ya!,2933,575891,00.html

Report: Push Back Age of Cervical Cancer Tests

In the past 30 years, cervical cancer rates in the United States have fallen by more than half, due in large part to widespread use of cervical cancer screening.

Not anymore. This is...expensive. Obama care cannot afford yearly tests. Understand Cervical cancer is a FAST acting cancer. A single year skipped can kill you...or at least spread to your pelvic bone and be real expensive to fix. and Obama care isn't about to pay for expensive problems...its cheaper for you to die.

Obama care will legalize physician assisted suicides, and they will offer you poison rather than spend a dime to fix your cancer. Not unless you are in congress, you will get real health care then. If you are just a citizen, its your duty to die.

Obamacare is all about death. They will kill you baby for free, but they won't treat your cancer.
Socialized Health Care. God help us.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Liberals Fear to Call the Ft Hood Incident, Terrorism.

Why are liberals bound and determined NOT to call the Ft Hood incident a terror attack?
Obama is out there saying "lets not jump to conclusions."
Some liberal talking head said, "we have no idea of his motives."
"He was upset at being deployed." like mass murder is natural outlet for hurt feelings.
Every single liberal board I lurk at argues with anyone that this is not terror.

Idiot Liberals are even insinuating that its RACIST to call this a terror attack because this Hasan guy is a muslim. Believe me, I test posted the list below on several liberal boards, every time I was called a racist. Every time. Indeed, liberals are much more interested in calling Christians terrorists than calling a muslim mass murder for what it is: terror.

This is an across the board denial.
1) YES. The guy was a muslim. That IS a pertinent fact in this case.
2) He was a US soldier who publicly justified suicide attacks against US soldiers.
3) He shouted "Allahu Akbar!" just before he started shooting.
4) He deliberately targeted people who could not shoot back, like a typical cowardly jihadist.

Q) What is so important for liberals to fight the idea that an obvious terror attack is not a terror attack?

Seriously, what else should we call this? Sudden Jihad Syndrome?
Time and again, liberals demonstrate that cannot be relied upon to protect this nation.

Beloved, we must understand a simple truth: islam is the last bastion of barbarism in the world. Inviting muslims into your midst is to invite murderers, thieves and rapists into your home.
Not all muslims are terrorists, but 99.9% of all terrorists are muslims.

Where are the moderate muslims loudly proclaiming, "Not in our name!" You will hear none. Thats because there are NO moderate muslims. Its a myth. The mosque Hasan frequented gave shelter, aid and comfort to several of the 9-11 terrorists. Its no wonder Hasan succumbed to "Sudden Jihad Syndrome" in a mosque of hate. Any mosque anywhere will shelter jihadist murderers.

Facts for you:
mohamed was a false prophet. He murdered, stole, and raped in the name of his false god.
allah is a false god, or worse a satanic impostor demanding human sacrifice.
islam was never a religion of peace, but an instrument of conquest, slavery and rape.
The new Nazi menace of the 21st century is islam. They are poised to murder millions.
Hasan is in the hospital, he is awake and talking.
You know what that means: WATER BOARDING TIME!
Have fun boys!