Saturday, December 24, 2016

An Open Letter to Democrat Underground

I work in a liberal heavy company. There was no angst or despair. Ya win some ya lose some.

It is the minority of Liberals who are still stomping their feet in anger. DU, you are that minority. You do NOT represent the democrat voters as a whole. Democrats are not inspired by blocking traffic and bad behavior. Only you.

DU, it is time to shut up, accept that you lost and plan on 2018, and 2020.
Only FIVE states have a Democrat Governor and a Democrat legislature. FIVE. The Democrat party has been decimated. Even Feinstein, the nose lost.

The party itself needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Y'all need to start winning local elections to build a new set of leaders for the future. You need more than just a president.

This election was not a triumph of white supremacy. it was a rejection of YOU! Those white rural folks that voted for Trump used to be union men: your greatest supporters. But your party abandoned them, drove their employers out of the country, and told them they were worthless because they were white. In short, Democrats gave then NO choice but to vote for Trump.
*** it is your fault you lost.