Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama’s Billion Dollar Warchest.

President Obama has bragged he will amass a Billion Dollar re-election fund for 2012. Something no one has ever done before.

That boast makes me suspicious. Why that particular amount? We still don't know where all the stimulus money was spent. Billions are unaccounted for. Is Obama just like all the other corrupt dictators and embezzled a portion of the national income for himself?

Last summer, Michelle schmoozed and got cozy with the Spanish socialist govt. And just now Obama spent time with the socialists in Brazil tossing taxpayer dollars at their oil industry. Liberals/socialists/dictators, are notoriously corrupt, and the American types are no exception.

I'm just wondering if Obama doesn't already have his one billion, and is using foreign sources to launder that money into contributions. He’s given 250 million to Unions, who can then send it back in the form of donations—that’s a quarter of the total right there.

Obama is corrupt, and he surrounds himself with corruption. It’s the Chicago way. Embezzlement, fraud, bribery are all skills Obama learned in Chicago politics.

It’s not out of the ballpark to speculate that Obama already has the one Billion, and just needs to lauder it through bogus sources. The democrats rammed through a number of mega bills (that no one read) 1000’s of pages long. Such bills are pure opportunity for an unscrupulous man to siphon off a few billion for himself. And with the aid of other extreme socialist governments, Obama can do just that.

See my story just below this one. Michelle’s use of Air Force One is a perfect vehicle to transfer large amounts of cash.

Frankly, I never in my life would have thought I would be saying things about my president that I would say about a third world dictator. With Obama all preconceptions are out the window. There is no accountability with this man. No media will ever call him on his crimes and corruption.

I know it’s been a while since I posted here. Let me know what you think. I’m getting ready to head back to my old internet haunts as well. So here’s a big hello to all my friends out there!