Saturday, July 11, 2015

White Privilege is a HOAX

Frankly I think the concept is a hoax to perpetuate the victimhood vote machine for the democrats. The concept is deliberately vague and nebulous so anything can be labeled White Privilege.

FBI stats shows 11% of the population commits 60% of the violent crime...and that 11% is not white.

1) So the first part of White Privilege is DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES.
If your race is committing the most crimes...stop it. Maybe there is a reason cops watch the inner city more than the suburbs.
     1A) If you see a cop. Don't run. He'll want to know why.
     1B) Don't resist arrest and you won't get shot.
     1C) Don't join gangs. Don't steal. Don't do drugs or sell them. Don't kill people. Don't rape. Learn what the law is and OBEY it. Whites can do this. You can too. It is not that hard.

2) Go to school. Do your homework.
     2A) Learn to speak English. It will help you get a job.
     2B) Learn to read and write English. It will help you get a job.
     2C) Learn math. It will help you get a job.
     2D) Read books. its a lot more fun than you might think.

3) Treat people with respect.

4) Raise your children. Travon was allowed to wander the streets all night, and look what happened to him. Raising children means knowing where they are. Ensuring they have enough food to eat. Having two parents (or at least knowing who the father is). Making sure the kids do their homework. Teaching kids the meaning of this word: Responsibility. It is best taught by example.
     4A) If you are a father...RAISE your children. Be a part of their lives.

5) The govt is not your friend. Anything you get for free comes with strings attached, if you don't vote Democrat, it will be taken away. Free money from the govt is a form of slavery. Louis Farrakhan agrees. He said, and i paraphrase, "Free money is the opiate of the masses."
     5A) after 60 years of govt help, why are more blacks than ever unemployed? If you do not see any improvement after 60 years than maybe the govt is NOT your friend.

6) Get a job. If the only job available is a Burger King...take it. Provide for yourself. Hard work is part of life.
selling drugs on the corner may look like easy money, but it leads to eventual confrontaions with the police.

7) Save your money. open a bank acct. learn to work with checks and stuff.
     7A) blowing your money at a strip club is foolish. Chris Rock said, "There is no sex in the Gold VIP room."

8) Build relationships.
Date. Find a girl, fall in love and Marry her. Have kids, raise a family.

9) Do not stand with your hand out.
No one will put anything in it. Obama was elected with a filibuster proof congress. The democrats could have given you reparations, but they felt no need.
     9A) There will never be a free handout, and there will never be reparations. Your ancestors got 40 acres and a mule. If you want something you have to work for it. If you learn nothing else from my post, this is it: If you want something you have to work for it.

Common sense. This is white privilege. there is no secret, no magic formula, no conspiracy to keep people of color down.

Conclusion: White Privilege is not real.
Its just people who live, love and work for a living.
ANYONE can access this privilege. If you don't have for it.