Saturday, July 11, 2015

White Privilege is a HOAX

Frankly I think the concept is a hoax to perpetuate the victimhood vote machine for the democrats. The concept is deliberately vague and nebulous so anything can be labeled White Privilege.

FBI stats shows 11% of the population commits 60% of the violent crime...and that 11% is not white.

1) So the first part of White Privilege is DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES.
If your race is committing the most crimes...stop it. Maybe there is a reason cops watch the inner city more than the suburbs.
     1A) If you see a cop. Don't run. He'll want to know why.
     1B) Don't resist arrest and you won't get shot.
     1C) Don't join gangs. Don't steal. Don't do drugs or sell them. Don't kill people. Don't rape. Learn what the law is and OBEY it. Whites can do this. You can too. It is not that hard.

2) Go to school. Do your homework.
     2A) Learn to speak English. It will help you get a job.
     2B) Learn to read and write English. It will help you get a job.
     2C) Learn math. It will help you get a job.
     2D) Read books. its a lot more fun than you might think.

3) Treat people with respect.

4) Raise your children. Travon was allowed to wander the streets all night, and look what happened to him. Raising children means knowing where they are. Ensuring they have enough food to eat. Having two parents (or at least knowing who the father is). Making sure the kids do their homework. Teaching kids the meaning of this word: Responsibility. It is best taught by example.
     4A) If you are a father...RAISE your children. Be a part of their lives.

5) The govt is not your friend. Anything you get for free comes with strings attached, if you don't vote Democrat, it will be taken away. Free money from the govt is a form of slavery. Louis Farrakhan agrees. He said, and i paraphrase, "Free money is the opiate of the masses."
     5A) after 60 years of govt help, why are more blacks than ever unemployed? If you do not see any improvement after 60 years than maybe the govt is NOT your friend.

6) Get a job. If the only job available is a Burger King...take it. Provide for yourself. Hard work is part of life.
selling drugs on the corner may look like easy money, but it leads to eventual confrontaions with the police.

7) Save your money. open a bank acct. learn to work with checks and stuff.
     7A) blowing your money at a strip club is foolish. Chris Rock said, "There is no sex in the Gold VIP room."

8) Build relationships.
Date. Find a girl, fall in love and Marry her. Have kids, raise a family.

9) Do not stand with your hand out.
No one will put anything in it. Obama was elected with a filibuster proof congress. The democrats could have given you reparations, but they felt no need.
     9A) There will never be a free handout, and there will never be reparations. Your ancestors got 40 acres and a mule. If you want something you have to work for it. If you learn nothing else from my post, this is it: If you want something you have to work for it.

Common sense. This is white privilege. there is no secret, no magic formula, no conspiracy to keep people of color down.

Conclusion: White Privilege is not real.
Its just people who live, love and work for a living.
ANYONE can access this privilege. If you don't have for it.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama’s Billion Dollar Warchest.

President Obama has bragged he will amass a Billion Dollar re-election fund for 2012. Something no one has ever done before.

That boast makes me suspicious. Why that particular amount? We still don't know where all the stimulus money was spent. Billions are unaccounted for. Is Obama just like all the other corrupt dictators and embezzled a portion of the national income for himself?

Last summer, Michelle schmoozed and got cozy with the Spanish socialist govt. And just now Obama spent time with the socialists in Brazil tossing taxpayer dollars at their oil industry. Liberals/socialists/dictators, are notoriously corrupt, and the American types are no exception.

I'm just wondering if Obama doesn't already have his one billion, and is using foreign sources to launder that money into contributions. He’s given 250 million to Unions, who can then send it back in the form of donations—that’s a quarter of the total right there.

Obama is corrupt, and he surrounds himself with corruption. It’s the Chicago way. Embezzlement, fraud, bribery are all skills Obama learned in Chicago politics.

It’s not out of the ballpark to speculate that Obama already has the one Billion, and just needs to lauder it through bogus sources. The democrats rammed through a number of mega bills (that no one read) 1000’s of pages long. Such bills are pure opportunity for an unscrupulous man to siphon off a few billion for himself. And with the aid of other extreme socialist governments, Obama can do just that.

See my story just below this one. Michelle’s use of Air Force One is a perfect vehicle to transfer large amounts of cash.

Frankly, I never in my life would have thought I would be saying things about my president that I would say about a third world dictator. With Obama all preconceptions are out the window. There is no accountability with this man. No media will ever call him on his crimes and corruption.

I know it’s been a while since I posted here. Let me know what you think. I’m getting ready to head back to my old internet haunts as well. So here’s a big hello to all my friends out there!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Michelle Obama Secret Spanish Mission: Money Laundering?

.....................................Miss Moneybags is on the right. Michell Obama Meets with Saudi Money Men in Spain. as reported by El Mundo 2nd Largest News Organization in Spain. Its in the last paragraph of the story:
El mismo medio también informó que Michelle Obama, mantendrá un encuentro con el príncipe Salman bin Abdelaziz, gobernador de Riad y hermano del fallecido Rey Fahd de Arabia Saudí, quien también está veraneando en Marbella. Por otro lado, también se baraja la posibilidad de que la esposa del presidente Obama, se reúna con Abdullah Al Thani, empresario multimillonario, propietario del Málaga CF e hijo del ministro del Interior de Qatar.
Translated it says:
Various royal houses (ie royal families) have spent their summers in Marbella for many years. There will be a meeting between Michelle Obama and Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz, governor of Riyadh and brother of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, meanwhile another meeting is shuffled(? this is the only translation I can find for 'barajar') ith the first lady with the owner of Málaga CF, billionaire businessman, son of Qatar's Interior Minister and member of the Qatari royal family, Abdullah Al Thani.

With the US media focused on the extravagance of her vacation, the real story may be here.
Whats up? Why is she meeting with these people? One scenario is to launder illegal foreign campaign contributions and ship them back into the US using Airforce 2: guaranteed not to be searched by any entity. After all, Democrats in trouble are gonna need all the cash they can get this year.

This is nothing new. Obama received millions in illegal foreign (muslim) donations in his campaign. Palestinians worked in illegal phone banks calling US voters during the election.
The Clintons proved corruption and Democrats go hand in hand. The Obamas are merely continuing the legacy of corruption.

Do you disagree? Or have an alternative motive for this meeting? send me a comment, and if its free of venom and profanity I'll post it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chastity/Chaz Bono Legally a Man? Nope.

Cher's offspring Chaz Bono is officially a man after he changed his name and gender in court yesterday.

Bono, who was born a girl named Chastity, is now legally recognised as a male, a year after undergoing a sex change.

The 41-year-old, whose father was the late singer and politician Sonny Bono, beamed with happiness as he left Santa Monica courthouse.

Read more:

Nope, this is not a man. She will never be anything more than a mutilated woman.
Above we see startling reality. As a woman, she is beautiful, and a man she is a failure.

Doesn't matter what operations or legal maneuvers a person jumps through. Mutilation can never change the truth. Never, ever. Homosexuality is a mental illness. Chaz will never be a man. She will live a lie the rest of her life.

Click on my archive to see what the Bible really has to say about homosexuality.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Did Jesus teach socialism?

A misguided friend asked me this question. He though the health care bill would help the poor. Needless to say, my friend doesn't watch the news and is ignorant of what is really in the bill. This is my answer:

[B]Did Jesus teach socialism? [/B]

No. Jesus [U]never[/U] taught socialism. Socialism is about extreme govt control of everything.
Jesus did not come to preach govt control, nor did he ever speak about how evil corporations were.

Jesus was never a community organizer.
Jesus is not a liberal or a conservative.
Jesus is not a revolutionary. Jesus was not concerned about how men govern themselves.
When asked a political question about paying taxes, Jesus responded, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Give to God what is God's."

Jesus did NOT come here to deliver men from government, He came here to deliver us from sin.

There are those who point to liberal talking points about helping the poor and say, "Look Jesus is liberal, we both want to help the poor!" (notice they are silent about killing babies)
Jesus taught us to care for the poor by GIVING to them, not by an all powerful govt taking away money at sword point from some and redistributing that money to others.

What about the health care bill? Wouldn't Jesus want people to have health care?
Sure, but they are NOT getting health care. The elderly are denied care in this bill.
Physicians are required to discuss the benefits of suicide to retired people every five years.
[U]--->Tell that what Jesus would want?[/U] The physicians won't come out and say, you are denied for a life saving surgery. they will just put the elderly on a waiting list and just wait for them to die.
This IS socialism. Its not of Christ. Its not what Jesus would do. Its what satan would do.

Likewise, its expensive to treat cancer. [B]Socialism puts people on a waiting list and allows them to die. THIS IS RATIONING. Another word for it is [U]murder.[/U][/B]
This IS socialism.

Denied as well will be the mentally infirm. The population of retarded men and women in this country will be denied health care...[U]murdered by the socialist state.[/U]

Socialism lies to the people. "It's not denial of care, its a waiting list."
Jesus does NOT lie.

This bill is NOT what Jesus would want for the people.
[B]Please do NOT confuse socialism with the words of Jesus. Thank you.[/B]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats Stab Freedom in the Back. DeathCare Passes

If you are elderly you will be denied care. They won't say denial, it will be called a "waiting list." A needed life saving surgery will be put on a five year waiting list. Sure you will die if you don't get the operation in 6 months, but thems the breaks.

Oh and every five years during your retirement, you will be asked to commit suicide. I'm expecting forged signatures will be commonplace.

It will be the same if you know someone who is mentally handicapped, they will be denied care...they don't contribute to society, so they are too expensive to spend scarce health care dollars on.

If you have an expensive condition, like will die. There may be life saving procedures available, but you won't get them. Its cheaper for you to die.

The bottom line is this: If this health care bill is so great, why did congress exempt themselves from it? Yes they and their families will get better care than you will.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Is the Grinch a Parable for Atheists?

I just watched it again, and it struck me me-the Grinch is just like the atheist trolls that plague my Christian Forums. They like to come with a "gotcha question," something they think is so deviously clever that no Christian could possibly answer. And they always leave disappointed and defeated.

Its the same with the Grinch. His "Gotcha" was the material side of Christmas. So he stole all the presents and was surprised and shocked when the Whos celebrated Christmas anyways.

He puzzled until his puzzler was sore.
Could it be that Christmas doesn't come from a store?
Perhaps Christmas means a little bit more?

And then like so many atheists before him the Grinch became Christian, moved off his cold mountain of doubt and into the warm embrace of the church. And then he became a famous apologist and defender of the faith.

And thats just like the boys and girls from our shadow site, FSTDT.
They've failed time and again, lost debates (refusing to admit defeat), and gone home angered that they got banned for trolling.

Unlike the Grinch their revelation will be quite different. It won't be a happy event like Christmas. Their epiphany will happen with the rapture. They mocked and laughed saying, "where is the promise of His coming?"

Here at last they will see the divine evidence they've been asking for. Unlike other atheists, our shadow people will recognize this for what it is. They claim they can't wait for the rapture so they won't have to listen to Christians anymore. But in the dark of their room, the bravado will be gone: they will be alone. If the rapture happened then the rest is true as well, and that means they have only 7 years left to live-if they are lucky.

This video doesn't involves atheists, but rather the unsaved in a Christian setting.
Still its a good illustration.

I propose that atheists might recognize the rapture for what it is because they have mocked it so long. and certainly, the great delusion will not be instantly following the Rapture. There will be a period of time where this will be treated as a national emergency.

After all their mocking and lurking on Christian sites, bit by bit things might start to percolate in their closed minds...The world will have never experienced a divine event on this scale: especially if (as some believe) all children under the age of accountability are taken as well.

So profound as this is, then yes a powerful delusion will have to be sent.

But there may be some brief window before that delusion occurs. In that time there will be a lot of non-Christians who grew up in the shadow of the church who will understand what happened and fall on their knees.

I think its logical to assume that atheists will react this way as well. They may be consumed by bigotry, but in mocking the Bible they still hear it-and the Word does not return void.

I think there will be a brief period of time right after the rapture but before the delusion where a lot of people turn to Christ. Atheists have a long history of seeing the light. some of the most famous Christians are former atheists.