Friday, November 20, 2009

Obama Lied, and American Women Died. Part 5

New Rules Ladies--no more self-exams and ignore slow growing cancers
Well its coming out. Death Panels are already targeting people and women have just been singled out for death. Early diagnosis has always been the best way to prevent cancer deaths. Under Obamacare self exams are no longer encouraged for breast cancer. Mammograms will not be provided until age 50. Slow acting cancers will not be treated at all until years later.

But wait there is more denial of care planned for you gals...this one will just kill ya!,2933,575891,00.html

Report: Push Back Age of Cervical Cancer Tests

In the past 30 years, cervical cancer rates in the United States have fallen by more than half, due in large part to widespread use of cervical cancer screening.

Not anymore. This is...expensive. Obama care cannot afford yearly tests. Understand Cervical cancer is a FAST acting cancer. A single year skipped can kill you...or at least spread to your pelvic bone and be real expensive to fix. and Obama care isn't about to pay for expensive problems...its cheaper for you to die.

Obama care will legalize physician assisted suicides, and they will offer you poison rather than spend a dime to fix your cancer. Not unless you are in congress, you will get real health care then. If you are just a citizen, its your duty to die.

Obamacare is all about death. They will kill you baby for free, but they won't treat your cancer.
Socialized Health Care. God help us.

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