Wednesday, October 28, 2009

muslim Leader Killed in FBI Raid

Update on the Religion of Peace. The FBI in an anti terror move, raided a Detroit locale and this guy would not surrender so died in an exchange of gunfire. No one else was hurt, but an FBI dog was killed as well.

So sorry to hear about the dog.

Its ironic that ever since the Obama prayer meeting with muslims a few weeks ago, there has been nothing but arrests of terrorists. muslims love to look pious, but they love to kill as well. islam is the last bastion of barbarism left in a civilized world. If the mad muslims in Iran get the bomb the west will pay dearly in lives lost. Obama is too shortsighted to stop them.

Interestingly it is Israel who will save the world. And they may have to use nukes to do it.
I wonder who the world will condemn: Israel the righteous, or the murderous barbarians in Iran?

May God bless Israel and guide her munitions. Israel may just be the last sane govt on earth.

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