Monday, October 19, 2009

1502 page Health Care Bill passed by senate.

The Democrat Bill that will KILL Grandma is here.

Link to Bill.
Link to Politico Story

1502 pages and 72 hours till the vote. Senators must read 20 pages and hour without sleep to understand this Frankenstein bill. Remember the graft and corruption of the Stimulus bill that no one was able to read before the vote? This will be just as bad.

40 percent tax on good health care plans. If your plan offers more than bare bones coverage you WILL be punished.

Stay tuned gang, I will update this blog as more is revealed.

ALL private insurance taxed as income!
ALL Private insurance ends Feb 1, 2014

Healthcare bills lack protections against treatment denials, experts say.

If you or some one you love needs expensive care there is no appeal, no judicial review for a bureaucrat's denial of care. People will die, Is part of the democratic party design, they will kill you.

This is fun, an annual $4 billion tax on the medical device industry. Who pays for this? YOU DO, through higher prices.

Several blue states being exempted from higher medicare premiums. Play ball and get a break. Favoritism already? No republican red states have breaks. Punishment for those who don't vote democrat.

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  1. MediCare savings will never happen. This bill apparently had several blue states exempted from the higher premiums, including Nevada.