Saturday, August 8, 2009

Obama Lied, America’s Seniors Died.

When the debate over abortion first arose, a profound prediction was made: A people who devalue a baby’s life, will embrace Euthanasia as policy. Obama care is founded upon the murder of the elderly and those with medical conditions that are…expensive. The murder weapon? It’s simply the denial of care, AKA: rationing.

There are those who point out that rationing of care is not in this health bill. That’s true. The Democrats have already passed rationing into law. It was hidden in the Stimulus bill. This was the bill (3,000 pages long) presented as such an emergency that no one took the time to read it. Health care rationing is now part of the Congressional Record.
This is reality, people. Murder as govt. policy brought to you by the democrat party.

What is in this health care bill? Forced End-of-Life counseling. Its not called that, it has a pretty name, but every five years American seniors will endure a forced counseling session to discuss assisted suicide. Knowing the corruption that exists in this current administration, I can only imagine the vast number of forged names on suicide permission forms.

Also in this bill abortion clinics where procedures are100% paid for by the govt. No out of pocket costs and state laws like parental consent are nullified. People who chose to keep Down’s syndrome babies will very likely to be lied to and told the mother’s life is at stake, an abortion is the only way out. Lies are part of this socialist plan to eliminate the ‘useless eaters.” Adults with Down’s Syndrome will be denied life saving procedures.

People with expensive medical conditions will be denied health care. Its already the law of the land. You have no idea if this will mean YOU a few months down the road. If you develop conditions that require any expensive drugs or procedures at all, you will die.

That is the crux of Obama care. If you need care, it will be denied to you.

If this law had anything to do with health care, congress would not have exempted themselves from the same care that we are going to receive. This is about control over the people. Govt mandated granting or denial of health care. Need a life saving procedure? You need to pay off your Democratic congressman. Don’t have the money, your daughter looks very nice. The congressman will give her back to you in a week, after which you will gain your procedure. This health care system is designed for corruption. The people must beseech the elite for care, and the elite will grant a boon, after suitable compensation, of course.

If you are uppity and rebellious, then you get nothing from the system. Take for example a man in Britain. He was a vocal opponent of abortion, the health care system denied him all care in retaliation. There was no appeal, no court decision, nothing. Tea Parties will be dangerous events under Obama care.

The Trojan horse gave rise to a wise saying, “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” Obama care will degrade health care to a point where no one has it, except the elite and those who can pay the elite for such favors. Don’t be fooled, this bill has nothing to do with health care, and everything to do with setting up those who would, “Lord over us.”


  1. Good post MR. Mannn - The Baby Boomers are coming into retirement age & we don't have enough actively employed people to sustain them. The Governments solution: Take them out. Makes me wonder how long it will be before the physically and mentally disabled will be on the target list. Can we say "Pre-WW2 Germany"?

  2. Steve, your assessment was very good. And very frightening. It grieves me to see what a life means in the hands of a socialist Democrat!

    We used to think that to even mention these things made us look like conspiracy nuts. But now, not so much.

    Lee Ann mentioned "Pre-WW2 Germany" and I have to agree. I keep saying this on different forums, but when we know that there are detention camps all around the country and a President who asks that we rat on our friends we must be very careful. The poor Jews were herded onto trains and taken to the camps where they were massacred. We must remember that lesson from history! It could very well happen here!

  3. Damn You! How dare you to compare Obama's politics with an insane egomaniac Massmurder like Adolf Hitler was? Are you totally nuts? You Americans should pay more attention in history lessons to come to such a deluded conclusion. I can only say you Fundi people are loonyheads. I am sorry.

    A german guy that lives in a pluralistic united democracy led by conservatists and liberals.

  4. I Dare! Hitler used euthanasia as govt policy...just like Obama. Both men know full well that their policies are going to kill millions, and they moved full steam ahead anyway.

    The bottom line is this:
    Both Hitler and Obama are evil. Their plans are evil. And if left alone, Obama will destroy America as surely as Hitler destroyed Germany.

    I would think after 8 years of Bush/Hitler you would say "turnabout is fair play." But no, big liberal babies can dish it out but they can't take it.

    The big difference between the Bush/Hitler calls and the Obama/Hitler is the Obama/Hitler comparison is correct.