Friday, August 21, 2009

Liberal Hypocrisy, Hate Mail, and Democrat Fascists

Just a bit of housekeeping, sweeping silly comments under the rug. I got a whiny comment from the ignorant, or rather "the Ignored." He's from a forum called the Skeptics Network. Most of the forum looks OK, but the politics room seems to be a little used section with just a handful of threads. The Ignored is a typical liberal in that he cannot tolerate any opposing points of view. Those who disagree with him are not worthy of free speech.

That said,
Just wanna give a tip o' the hat and a great big thank you to The Ignored on the Barney Love thread for linking to this great blog. Just for your further edification, I would refer all fans of Barney Frank to my essay on homosexuals in the older posts below (bottom of page).

As to comments, I love them, but they have to be outstanding or especially sniveling for me to publish. Unfortunately, the great Ignored failed on both accounts, so no soup for you. However you did inspire an entire essay, as you personify the liberal argument-which is to shout down all opposition, and belittle those who disagree. So I hope you feel a little better.

Frankly the people you so despise in your Barney Love thread are the American people. Liberals are shocked to learn that their ideas are not embraced by the little people. The liberal's response is anger and defiance. The Democrats will then LIE, claiming protesters are not real people, but paid insurgents of the insurance companies. In fact no one pays them. These people are true grass roots. Nacy refers to them as AstroTurf, but its because she is so frightened that the people might stop her mad grasp for power. When the people speak in anger the libs ingore them at their peril-we WILL remember come election day.

Keep it up. All the bad Democrat behavior, is just going to boomerang back in 2010. And I think that why the democrats rely so much on ACORN, without election fraud liberals know they stand no chance. But they don't care, power is everything to little Liberal Fascist Nazi wanna-bees. (the increasing liberal fascism is the subject of a future essay.)

The bottom line is this: Liberals are the first to extol free speech, and the first to deny it to others. Liberals are hypocrites. Dissent is patriotism when the GOP is in power. But when libs control the reins, dissent cannot be allowed.

Keep the comments coming, I love em!

Edit to add the following:
I keep getting comments demanding that I debate with them. Debate is NOT the reason I started this blog. My Blog is a series of essays about truth, and I will not debate truth. Blogs are free, Nothing prevents you from opening your own blog, linking to mine and debating in that form. I may or may not acknowledge your blog, but thats the net.
I don't care how much you whine. Deal with it.

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