Sunday, June 7, 2009

What I Know About Atheists

I post on a Christian discussion board. Atheists from another (loser) board, FSTDT send an unending line of trolls to argue on our site. I have learned a few things about them.

Atheists come demanding evidence. But they discount anything that disproves their pet theories, no matter how well founded that evidence is.
Simply because I am a Christian, anything I have to say will never be good enough for an atheist. (don't believe me, visit an atheist site, the sheer hatred/bigotry towards Christians is amazing. I always thought atheists to be unemotional in their unbelief, but they hate people of faith!)

An honest atheist is an agnostic because he must admit he doesn't have enough evidence to know if God is there or not. (an interesting aside, there are no militant agnostic organizations out to stamp out Christianity, only the radical atheists are doing that. Agnostics just don't care.)

At its core atheism IS a religion. It takes faith to take insufficient evidence and jump to the conclusion that there is no God. All our arguments mean nothing to the atheist, not because of any validity or lack thereof: but because we are the heretics in the religion of atheism. Atheism cannot support its philosophy with logic, so they must ignore/fabricate faults with all arguments to the contrary.

Pride is the sin that is killing the atheist. Admitting he may be wrong is a violation of his religion. especially when he considers himself mentally superior to mindless followers of faith. That's why arguments with an atheist always go in a circle.
An atheist is the most close minded person you will ever meet.

The Holy Spirit is the only one who can reach past the pride and self deification in an atheist's heart. Prayer is our best weapon.

A tip of the hat to the boys at FSTDT who have sent me many comments filled with profanity.
I have learned that atheists are also the least tolerant of people as well.

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