Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson. Pedophile, Drug Addict, Monster.

I really don't have strong feelings about the passing of Mr Jackson.
I will not mourn him. Rather I lament for the children he victimized.

In the day he was great, but he destroyed himself with perversion. Yes, he got away scott-free in the trial, but money can buy justice. The people knew better, and Jackson's sales plummeted as the veil dropped lower and lower over his monstrous sin.

“Ye shall know them by their fruit.”
--His fruit reveals an evil man. He squandered his wealth in perverted indulgences.
Michael Jackson benighted in the media, will be remembered in history as a pedophile who loathed himself. He destroyed his own face trying to look like a white woman, just as he destroyed the lives of children.
Jackson's increasing irrational behavior in the last few years stands as evidence of increasing drug dependence. Drug use, personality alteration, brain damage, death.

I never played the PC game. There is no nice way to say this:
Its sad, but he's going to reap what he has sown. Hell is a very real place.
There no evidence of a deathbed conversion. Jackson grew up in a cult, converted to islam, and his last conscious act was to abuse drugs. Likely he never knew the true Christ.
Eternity may come calling sooner that people like to think. There is no second chance

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