Sunday, May 31, 2009

UFO Skeptic. Part One.

Why I do not believe we are being visited by aliens.

I am called an EVIL skeptic on some UFO boards because I don’t believe the silver disks are alien space craft. I read some guy saying how he was chased by multi colored lights all the way to his trailer, and now he believes. “You believe…what? I ask. He answers that we are being visited by beings from another planet.

I think it takes quite a leap of faith to jump from colored lights that seemingly follow your car at night, to: I was chased by an extra-terrestrial spaceship.
This leap of faith is the backbone of the UFO community. Why? Because they can prove nothing.

One believer challenged me to comment on a well known daylight sighting. (It has a name, but I cannot remember) It took place over Belgium. A number of silver discs flew in formation over the country.
300 witnesses. Photos-all fuzzy with no features to be seen. AND the sighting scrambled NATO jets!
By the time the jets arrived, the UFOs were gone. The believer dared me to explain away a dramatic sighting like this.

My answer was not to explain it away. 300 witnesses, photos, and jets all show something was up there. But the key is…what? No one got close enough to see any detail in the silver discs. No photos showed windows, rivets, or license plates. The discs never dropped flyers claiming to be from Pluto.
It makes for a nice story but it proves NOTHING.

Stories like this are repeated over and over in UFO land because they can offer nothing else!

It’s the same with abduction stories. Nova debunked a whole ton of them. UFOs and aliens have become the modern day replacements for ghosts and goblins.
People believe because they WANT too.

What would prove that we are being visited by aliens? Solid physical evidence. Dead bodies, flashlights left behind, maybe a crashed ship. (I will discuss Roswell in a future post) 50 years of sightings have produced NONE of those things. To explain the lack of evidence, great conspiracies have been created.
The government is confiscating all the evidence! Indeed, it is not just the US, but ALL the governments in the world are hiding evidence, that’s why believers can present you with NONE.

The problem with this is it must be international in scope. If all the world governments know about aliens, then all the leaders would be soiling their pants, clutching at each other in fear of the unknown alien threat.
Even if aliens had contacted the world leadership in secret, the threat of the unknown would unify this world, wars would stop, and unprecedented cooperation would exist. The UN would suddenly be filled with competent men. And Democrats would support defense spending.

Certainly, all the world could not keep such a secret. If I were a reporter, I would travel to third world countries and bribe my way into the hidden UFO files. Does anyone really think I couldn’t buy UFO secrets in Mexico, Africa, or Asia? France cannot keep the secrets we tell her about the War on Terror, how could she keep her mouth shut for UFO’s?

There is a complete and utter lack of evidence.
Photos are fuzzy or faked.
50 years of eyewitnesses have revealed NOTHING solid.
 This is why I do not believe we are being visited by space aliens.

People ARE seeing something
So the question remains; “What is up there?”
We don’t know. That’s why we call them Unidentified Flying Objects.

Next, I will muse about Roswell. The UFO Bible.

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