Sunday, March 21, 2010

Democrats Stab Freedom in the Back. DeathCare Passes

If you are elderly you will be denied care. They won't say denial, it will be called a "waiting list." A needed life saving surgery will be put on a five year waiting list. Sure you will die if you don't get the operation in 6 months, but thems the breaks.

Oh and every five years during your retirement, you will be asked to commit suicide. I'm expecting forged signatures will be commonplace.

It will be the same if you know someone who is mentally handicapped, they will be denied care...they don't contribute to society, so they are too expensive to spend scarce health care dollars on.

If you have an expensive condition, like will die. There may be life saving procedures available, but you won't get them. Its cheaper for you to die.

The bottom line is this: If this health care bill is so great, why did congress exempt themselves from it? Yes they and their families will get better care than you will.

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