Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michelle Obama Wears Suicide Belt, Blows Up Fashion Sense

I know what she is trying to do. She wants to channel Jackie O, but she comes across as a Walmart wannabe.
Is this the best her staff of 20+ clucking hens can come up with?

Her every outfit is progressively worse and her "Jackie O on the Shortbus" look is not catching on.
Is America rushing to imitate the trends of the first lady? NO.
Are women's fashions showing up with belts worn under the bosom? NO.
Are trendy stores introducing a line of Fabulous Fall MO clothing? NO.

Its time to come out and say it.
Michelle, your outfits are worse than unattractive. They make you look like a cheap poser not a first lady. Even the poorest Thrift Store shoppers look better than you. Your choice of outfits have NO class. When you sit next to first ladies from other nations you are always the worst dressed.

Republican or Democrat, this MUST be said:
I have no idea who is advising the first lady, but her outfits are pathetic.


  1. I get some bizarre hate mail on my blog. This is a typical one from a regular named Oliver from Germany. He never seems to address any topic I discuss, he just hates Christians with a passion. Now Al Queda is threatening Germany, and he blames President Bush. (Now if he read the news he would know, AQ was doing this because there are a few Germans currently in Afghanistan with NATO.)

    So here is today’s rant from Ollie. Enjoy the insanity.
    --I didn't post this directlym because the blog is set up so I can't filter out the profanity, So Ollie if you want a straight publish, cut the language and I'll post rants like this...cause they make me laugh.
    From Oliver
    Rage against the f***ing machine...

    With every hateful blog entry you create more hate. Violence creates more violence. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth like it is written in your silly fairytale book.

    Even you dumb right wing nutbolts should understand that. That blew up your WTC 8 years ago. And it will blow up more innocent souls if you american patriotic *******s cannot stop. Now even in Germany we get threats from Al Quaeda. And you know why? I tell you why: Because your silly ex president and his right wing minions started a war for oil. And now the complete western world has to suffer the consequences. How many people have to die until you guys learn that religions only bring sorrow to the world. Now matter what fundamentalistic belief. Fundy christians are hateful people like fundamentalistic muslims. There is no difference. But well it is easy. You can plead to your silly God and his silly cruel book, cause he gave you his commandments and his all so human and wise advice.

    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. And some weak fools will sit side by his mayesty - for eternity.

    Now ... who is the cruel in here?

  2. If Al Queda hates America for the Iraq war, why are they targeting Germany? I don't understand your logic, Ollie.

  3. Psst, Steve, in your title, it should say "fashion," not "fasion;" other than that, great post! Michelle's hairstyle is tired as well. She needs a new do!

    Oliver, unlike fundamental Muslims, we "fundy Christians" do not kill people who will not convert; we just pray for them, and I will pray for the hate to be removed from your heart. If you don't like this blog, just don't read it. Have a great day!